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Custom-Tailored Formal Wear in Carteret, NJ

Look and feel your best with custom-made formal wear in Carteret, NJ. We specialize in creating high-quality clothing that fits your unique body type and measurements. Rather than settling for an unflattering dress, place your trust in our talented team. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure you always look your best.

 Made 4 U Especially LLC firmly believes that the “one size fits all” theory is unrealistic, and size labels (which can differ from store to store) are unreliable since no two garments are cut the same way. Our goal is to eliminate this belief and provide every client with clothing that fits them perfectly. We’re equipped with the knowledge and expertise to take your measurements accurately, and created elegant dresses for petite women and plus-size women.

Front and Side View, Long Sleeve Custom Dresses - Carteret, NJ

Petite & Plus-Size

Petite women are classified as below average height. While these individuals don’t always have a small frame, their short stature, diminutive or average figure, and light weight make finding dresses that fit properly a hassle. With our services, you can find perfectly fitting elegant, formal, and wedding dresses for petite women.

On the other hand, plus-size women suffer the same problems as petite women. These individuals are typically above average in size but are not always taller. In most cases, they weigh 150 lbs. or more and stand 5 ft. 5 in., or taller. Luckily, Made 4 U Especially LLC, has you covered, with plus-size dresses for women that are sure to fit you beautifully.

Body Measurement Chart

Complete the chart located at the bottom of this section. Go to to choose your pattern and forward your information via e-mail. Work can begin on your "Made 4 U Especially " garment once the fabric has been purchased.

When you have your pattern, the view you want will be shown on the front cover and lettered. Turn to the back of the pattern package and locate your size for yardage.

Have the fabric store clerk assist you in your fabric selection according to the suggested types on your package. This is very important if you are not familiar with textiles or fabric textures. You also will need assistance in purchasing your notions (buttons, zippers, etc.).

When taking your own measurements, it may be helpful to have the assistance of a friend.

You will only need to send your measurements once. They will remain on file. F.Y.I Petite: A category of clothing sized for women or girls of less than average height and with average or diminutive figures. Petite women are usually from 4 ft to 5 1/2 ft tall, weighing in at 110 lbs on up to 125 lbs. Plus Size: A clothing size designed for people who are above the average size. The plus size woman can also be short in stature as explained in the petite description, but is not limited to being considered above average because she may be tall. She weighs in at 150 lbs or more, standing 5'5" or taller.

In the United States, the average size for a woman is 5'4", weighing about 150-162 lbs. Her dress size is from 12-14 and her shoe size is 7.

There is no way we can be satisfied with the "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" theory because we are unique, not average. So clearly ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL.

Because you do not fit into the average cookie cutter mold, "Made 4 U Especially " is here "Especially 4 U".

Click Here for Body Measurement Chart

Measuring Sizes for Custom Clothing - Carteret, NJ