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Beautiful Made-to-Order Garments and Accessories in Carteret, NJ

Get the dress or outfit you have always wanted by enlisting the services of Made 4 U Especially LLC. We specialize in tailoring made-to-order garments and accessories in Carteret, NJ, including bridal wear, prom gowns, clerical outfits, and men’s wear. No matter your style, budget, or body type, our team will give you an outfit that is truly one of a kind to wear.

Preparing for Prom

You only get to graduate from high school once, and with graduation comes prom. When you want to look your best while ensuring you are in a one-of-a-kind dress then choose the services of our team. Our designer and seamstress will work with you to plan out your unique design. We will then use the finest materials to craft your made-to-order prom gown to fit perfectly to your individual body type. 

With a custom-crafted gown, you will easily look amazing. Additionally, we can make pieces for your date that will match to the colors and styles of your dress. This way you and your partner will both be ready to turn heads.

Custom Wedding Apparel

Make your wedding day even more memorable by choosing a custom-designed dress from our exceptional team. Our staff has the experience needed to craft beautiful garments and accessories for your entire bridal party while placing a particular focus on your one-of-a-kind gown. With our custom bridal wear, you will look breathtakingly fabulous.

Our team can also take care of crafting unique décor and accessories for your special day. This includes making unique centerpieces featuring fine materials and hand-crafted artificial florals. We can also create custom favors and keepsakes for you to present to your bridal party or guests. Reach out to our office to learn more about the custom wedding accessories and apparel we have to offer for your special day. 

Other Tailoring Services

While we place a heavy focus on designing ladies’ wear, we also offer tailoring services for custom clerical apparel and men’s wear. With our clerical services, we make custom vestments and robes for clergy of any denomination as well as other accessories such as altar cloths and pulpit covers. 

For men’s tailoring, our team crafts a number of unique pieces that are made to order. We also offer a number of unique accessories such as vests and ties to complement your outfit. When planning for a prom, we can design these accessories to be based on the colors of your date's dress. 

Contact us to learn more about our custom tailoring services and to place an order for your custom dress or apparel. We proudly serve Carteret, NJ, and the surrounding areas.

Wedding Garments:
Wedding Gowns Bridal Party Gowns Cummerbunds
Bridal Gloves Garters Headpieces
Wedding Décor and Accessories:
Brooms Favors Centerpieces
Artificial Florals Pillows Assorted Keepsakes
Clerical Wear:
Liturgical Vestments Surplices Cassocks and Robes for Men, Women, and Children
Clerical Décor:
Altar Cloths

Pulpit Covers

Liturgical Dancewear

Towels and Towelettes

Ladies Lap Hankies

Ladies' Wear:
Churchwear Masjid Wear Work Wear
Athleisure Wear Dresses Pant Suits
Formal Wear for Proms Formal Wear for Wedding Guests Shawls & Scarves
Men's Tailoring:
Ties Vests Ascots Pocket Squares



To complete your look, we create lap hankies and lapel flowers using excess fabric from your dress.. Flower styles depend on the fabric type. We also design fashion fabric jewelry such as necklaces and watches.

Dresses for Girls

Little misses deserve to look fabulous too! We offer a complimentary gift of either a handcrafted headband or ruffled socks to go with the dress.


Stand out from the crowd with a costume that fits you well. We create costumes for plays and parties, except Halloween.


Give a personalized present to your family and friends. Here are some of our handmade gifts:

  • Money Cards (for Men and Women)
Afrocentric Candy Caddies

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Wedding Gown Designs in Carteret, NJ


All items are shipped via USPS™. Please specify if you prefer FedEx™ or UPS™ when placing your order. After final payment has been made, allow 7 to 10 working days for delivery. Rates vary according to the carrier.